My Weekend :)

3:37 PM

On Thursday I met up with some friends at Wasatch High and went to their first basketball home game! Mckay was going up to attend their choir concert, so I decided to go up with him. :) It was a lot of fun to get to see and talk with everyone again!

Friday night I got to go to Chasing Mavericks at the dollar movie with Mckay, Campbell, and the Swanson girls... Some of our new friends. :) It was tons of fun! I loved the movie... I would totally recommend it!!

Saturday morning was our ward Christmas party... breakfast with Santa! The food was great. :) The young women helped at the craft table. We were making reindeer out of candy canes and string... So cute!

At 2 o'clock yesterday was Provo High's ballroom & modern dance recital. I have multiple friends that dance, so it was fun to go see everyone dance!

Last night some friends from Wallsburg came up & had a movie/game night with Mckay and I. Here are some pictures to show the fun :)

Zac & Dustin showing off their ping-pong skills!

Becca and I.... Well, I'm not sure what we're doing in this picture. :)

Perry & I showing off our matching shirts. I know... you want to be in the Lunchbox Club too!
Today my cousins came over for dinner & we partied. :) We even had pazookies (cookies not all the way done in these cool little pans that we have with ice cream on top!) for dessert!! :)

Such an exciting weekend! 

On Thursday I get to up to Wasatch High again for a debate tournament with my school!! I'm so excited for the tournament- I'll update you on how it goes. :)

....And there are the crazy adventures of Hadley Bea!

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