happy had: 4.

4:52 PM

momma bringing me out to hawaii & adventuring with me * getting a job in the byu-hawaii admissions office * getting my cast off & the three pins (yixes) out of my finger * name tags that say "aloha my name is..." instead of "hello..." * surviving my first week of COLLEGE * getting an adoooorable necklace in the mail from sweet aabee thomas * watching the fault in our stars on my laptop * going to the la'ie temple on thursday night * rejuvenating sabbath days * facetiming & calling people that i love dearly

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  1. You are doing it! I know you are always focused on the positive, and I also know this is a huge change. I'm so inspired watching you do it. Way to go!

  2. Love that the nametags say "Aloha my name is" !


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