anxious & awestruck.

4:39 PM

I think these two words (see title of post) perfectly describe my feelings at this time...

Anxious: I'm far, far away from everyone & everything I've ever known. The time difference between here & Utah is 4 hours...which just seems to make talking to loved ones from home more difficult. I start COLLEGE classes in 2 days & I really, really want to do well in them.

Awestruck: This place that I'm living is incredibly beautiful. I love the three girls that I'm living with. The temple (my faaavorite place) is within walking distance from me. Everyone I've met thus far has been very friendly. I've been able to feel the spirit & my Heavenly Father's love for me many times. God is good. I know this could one of the best experiences of my life if I make it that way, so that's my goal. It's already been hard, and although I'm not a crier, I've cried a few times.

This is the life I've been blessed with, and I'm so grateful for these experiences that I know will open my eyes up to so many new things. Please keep me in your prayers as I adjust to a new surrounding. Sending my love to all those who have helped me get this far.

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  1. LOVE YOU, HAD!! You're going to do great and love it :) I would love to stay updated along the way!!

  2. You are on an amazing journey! And I'm sure you will nail your classes;)


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