happy had: 5.

5:34 PM

(NOT in chronological order whatsoever)

celebrating the fact that i've lived in hawaii for two months now * exploring the polynesian cultural center * our friend ben going out of his way to find us five matching crowns (he's a tour guide at the pcc) * a delectable potluck in my htm (hospitality + tourism management) class where everyone brought foods from where they're from * facetiming my faaaavorite people * the most perfect weekend * selfies with tavi * productive days * learning that i don't hate jogging as much as i thought i did * (hopefully) making jogging a habit in my weekly routine * social media ((because it gives me a chance to catch up on people's lives that i normally wouldn't be able to see)) * watching a beautiful sunset @ sunset beach * riding "the bus" (that's actually the name - how cool is that?) to explore the beautiful island of oahu * hearing lewis respond, "hawaiiiiiiii" when people ask him where his auntie had lives * movie dates via facetime * conversations wayyy to late into the night with my roommates + tavi (our wonderful adopted roommate) * bouquets of sunflowers * seeing palm trees out of the window as i'm sitting in class * my political science class * the most amazing package in the mail from my magnificent momma * a matching hat + bag combo that mom couldn't resist because "it screamed sunshine and hadley" * weekly visits to the beautiful temple so close to me * seeing pictures of the amazing fall that is happening in ut right now * beUTAHful shirt * finally finding a place to live next semester * the new place i'm going to be living at being reaaaally close to the beach * friendly people * discovering new movies that i adore * looking forward to conference this weekend (!)

i've always loved the song, "count your blessings" (hymn #241) and the message of gratitude it sends. as i face feelings of homesickness, the best thing i've found to do is think of all the amazing people + opportunities i've been blessed with...and go to the temple. because the temple is the best place in the whole world.

wishing you all a wonderful week.


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