Finally... A break!

10:16 PM

Yesterday started Winter Break. I'm ecstatic! A TWO WEEK break from high school. It shall be wonderful. :)

 Because we had a half day yesterday, my friend Isaac invited some friends to go to the temple! Provo temple is closed right now, so we went to the Timpanogas temple. It was such a great experience! So glad I got to go. :)

The group of us that went to the Timpanogas LDS Temple. :)

I was also invited to go play volleyball last night. As you know, I have no athletic ability whatsoever... so it was a little bit embarrassing. But oh well! :) I actually think I improved as the night went on!! Overall, I was pretty proud of my performance at the end! It was a lot of fun. :)

Sarah, my really good friend, got to spend the night last night down here with me and I'm so glad! It was so much fun! Tomorrow is her birthday, so as my birthday present to her, I decided to take her out to lunch! She chose Olive Garden, which I was perfectly happy with ;), and we felt awesome being there by ourselves. :) It was so much fun to get to spend the time we did with each other!!
On our way to Olive Garden!!

Our outing :)

Yes. We are being "big girls" at a nice restaurant right now. ;)
Her birthday dessert our waiter brought for her! ..But she wouldn't let him sing. :P

Tomorrow my family is leaving for Las Vegas! We'll be there over Christmas and I'm so excited to get to spend time with everyone! I'll keep you updated... don't you fret. ;)

...And there are the crazy adventures of Hadley Bea!

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