Dear Daddy,

7:21 PM

Daddy-o. I love you! I couldn't imagine life without you...and quite frankly, I wouldn't want to. Since I can remember we have been best friends...and most of my earliest memories involve you making me laugh. From time spent sitting in your big truck belting Tim McGraw with you and Mckayber to sitting on the couch with you last night discussing the gospel, I couldn't imagine a better dad.

I love all of our dorky secret handshakes and inside jokes. I love that I feel comfortable telling you anything...and you give me advice when I need it most. I love that even though you're 2 states away, you're still always willing to help me with writing papers and coming up with pros and cons (even though you didn't know what that meant...;)) for my debates.

You really are my hero, daddy, and I couldn't ask for anyone better. Thanks for *all* you do...even if I couldn't name half of the things you do for me & our family.

You're the best.

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