happy had: 1.

1:36 PM

Today when reading my cousin's blog, I was inspired by this post. I love the perspective it puts on this crazy thing we call life. I have decided to embark on a similar venture...I'm going to keep a list of simple things that made me happy throughout the week, and then write a small blog post about it. Here goes!

happy had list #1:

celebrating beastie's birthday by going to her basketball game & then taking her to dinner at cafe rio * competing at state deca & placing 2nd in one of my events * going to the mall with madi strictly to get soft pretzels & cold stone * planning a double date with shaylynn saturday night * talking to chippy for 4.5 hours straight sunday evening * feeling like a mom as i dropped cj off at a basketball game & then took lewis to the provo library * eating pat's famous tacos for sunday dinner * having a lesson in young women's where 90% of it was made up of (very inspiring) comments from my class * watching tangled in yearbook while eating cereal to celebrate our recent deadline * eating funfetti pancakes * receiving an email from mckayber * this glorious weather we've been having * watching fuller house with cj * talking to lisa & annie thomas while swinging on their porch swing in the sunshine


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