happy had: 2.

6:48 PM

listening to music with the windows down while driving home from my internship every day * cole & april (+their girls) coming to spend the weekend in provo * casey & megan getting married (and looking soo happy) * having a sleepover with cj in mom & dad's room because our parents are out of town * the amazing weather on sunday afternoon * getting to do baptisms at the temple 2x this week with cj because she turned 12 on tuesday * the amazing sunset on sunday night * daily selfies with lewis * hearing kennedy yell, "auuuuuntie had!" when i walked into the room on saturday * snuggling with sweet baby finnley * attending the nhs-sponsored hunger banquet on wednesday * taking senior pics with hannah today * realizing i only have 2 months + 4 days until i graduate * being introduced to super smash brothers on saturday night * calling my grandparents and giving them the date & time of my graduation * finding a cute picture thing at hobby lobby that describes me perfectly 


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