A Successful Week...ish.

6:40 PM

Friday & Saturday (April 26 & 27): Ward youth conference.

Saturday (April 27): Night games with some friends.

Monday: Ballroom tech rehearsal.

Wednesday: Ballroom dress rehearsal.

Thursday: Babysitting. Midnight movie to Iron Man 3.

Friday: Friends' ballroom concert.

Bradley, Dayson, Conna, Isaac, Sam
Abby, myself, Maddie
Maddie did AMAZING!
Some of the guys & I :)
Edward, Abby, and I
June, Abby, and I
Satuday: Stake Young Womens Temple Walk.
Us at the Provo Temple!
               Ballroom concert.
Abigail & I
Conna & I
'The Girls'
Bradley & I
The gang :)
CJ & I
Habs ;)
Some of our ballroom friends!
Dayson & I
Sammy & I
Abby, Maddie, and I
So...this week(ish) was quite a success! Thanks to all those who were a part of it! :) Love you all!

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