Summer Already?

5:35 PM

Wow. School's out. I can't even believe it. Freshman year has been SO AMAZING. I have met wonderful people, made fantastic memories, and learned tons of stuff.

As I reflect on the school year, my appreciation really goes out to all my stupendous teachers. The last week of school I got pictures with all of them, and had them sign this notebook I had. Here are the pictures:

Mr. Moore (Honors English)

Mr. McEvoy (Spanish 1)

Mr. Rees (Yearbook)

Ms. Boulter (English Student Teacher)

Coach Dane (Beginning Ballroom)

Mrs. Francis (Honors Biology)

Mr. Mayntz (Geometry)

Brother Jepsen (Seminary-2nd Semester)

Mrs. Cluff (Foods 1)

Brother Little (Seminary-1st Semester)

Mrs. Ruggiano (Speech & Debate)

Mr. Murphy (Honors Geography)
I really have enjoyed my freshman year at Provo High School so much. Thanks to all my wonderful teachers who have taught me so much!!

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