5:06 PM

My journal entry tonight:

"Yesterday afternoon I got to go to Westridge Elementary and read with CJ. Over a week ago, she handed me an invitation with my name written in cursive inviting me to her read-a-thon. It worked out that I didn't have to go to my last class of the day (*tender mercy*) so I could actually make it. I love senior year, and the opportunities that my schedule provides me...like going to spend the last hour of my school day reading 'Ella Enchanted' to my sweet, 11-year-old sister. I'm so blessed and I spend a few minutes of each day thinking about all I've been given. What a lovely, lucky little life I lead. ❤️"

With it just being the two of us around at home with my parents, it's given us some quality time to be able to spend together. I love Campbell Janice so much, and I love the relationship we're building.


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