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8:55 PM

At 12:35am on Thanksgiving Day, my sister, Madison, had her baby!! When she told me she was pregnant she invited me to go with her to the hospital when the had the baby. I was SO excited, and the entire time she was pregnant Mad was kind enough to let me feel her baby kick...and it was the coolest thing!! The whole week leading up to when she had him, I was checking my phone non-stop hoping to get a call that she was going into labor :) 

On Thursday night about 9:40ish we left for the hospital because she was going into labor! I got to go with them and be there through the whole thing. It was SO EXCITING! When I got to see the baby for the first time, I just started bawling. I was so overcome with joy and amazement, and I felt like my testimony that God lives & loves us was strengthened.

I'm so grateful that Mad & I are close enough that she was willing to let me be there, and I'm so thankful for little Lewis. 


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