Keep Calm & Carry On.

6:36 PM

I really do have *so many* things to be grateful for...I couldn't even begin to count. In my stocking, I got this little, adorable, mint green notebook that says, "Keep calm and carry on." (I know what you're could it get any better than that?! does.) Thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law, McKay, I got an idea. In this adorable little book of mine I am going to make a list of random (*By the way: there is a boy in my Health class who's name is 'Random.' How cool is that?!*) , every day things that I ♥love♥ ...pretty fantastic. Creating this list really has just let me enjoy the little things in life even more. Iiiin case you're are some items on my list:

-hot cocoa
-using a brand new dry erase marker
-wearing bows
-throwing food and actually catching it in my mouth
-ice cold lemonade
-freshly vacuumed carpet
-corny jokes
-pink highlighters
-Dr. Seuss stories
-smiling at random people in the hallways
-starry nights
-licking the spoon
-Dixon Ticonderoga pencils
-smell of vanilla
-roller coasters
-the beach
-street lamps
-rainy days
-getting butterflies
-tin lunch boxes
-receiving flowers
-salsa & cream cheese
-making babies smile
-catching up with old friends...
(a little random insight on Hadley Bea)

This new semester I am enrolled in a few new classes...and the one I'm most excited about is Health! Ever since my 7th grade health class I've loved learning about what makes our bodies tick. It's fascinating to me! So far this semester, though, we've been talking about Optimism and how a positive outlook on life can change everything. It's seriously amazing. I can already tell the things I learn in that class I will take with me for the rest of my life. Loooove it!
Vida es bonita. 

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