Home Show(?) and Sadie!

7:10 PM

On Saturday I got to spend the day with one of my really good friends, Sadie! We went to the Ty Pennington Home Show(haha... I know... we're huge dorks!), went to her brother Abe's basketball game, and then went and got dinner at The Awful Waffle! Such a successful day. :)

Isn't this bus SO CUTE?! :)
We got ice cream at the home show. :)
Us testing out the Sleep Number beds!
We attended a cooking show...at least part of it...while at the home show :)
Sadie, Vivs, and I at Abe's basketball game!
The Awful Waffle is stinking AMAZING!! ...I would definitely recommend it. :)
So because it's a new year... I decided to have a 2013 'theme.' I'm actually really excited about it! My theme this year (my freshman/sophomore years of high school, learning to drive, expanding my horizons, etc.) is going to be "enjoy life." Just like that. :)
This is my "daily gratitude tracker." I got it in Sunday School a couple weeks ago... and I've actually been keeping up with it! I just write one thing/person I'm grateful for. Super easy, and really eye-opening! :)
I'm hoping to actually write in it every day. I guess we'll see! ;)

...And there are the crazy adventures of Hadley Bea!

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  1. Had! I had such a fun time with you at the home show! And just hanging out! I miss you so stinken much!!!!!! Guess what. Tomorrow is our two year-anniversary of knowing each other!!!! :) Lush ya!


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