Saturday :)

6:49 AM

Saturday was crazy. I had to be at Provo High at 7 in the morning. From there, we headed to American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork for a debate tournament! I was at the debate tournament all day long- and got back to Provo High 12 hours later.

Brinlee & I at the tournament!

Sam & I on the bus ride home from the tournament. :)
 When I walked in my door--my friends were already in my house. :) I had planned a party for that night not realizing how late my debate tournament would go. Whoops! We played ping-pong, pool, ate treats, and listened to music. It was fantastic. :)
Connor & Dayson... I'm not actually sure what they are doing.
Maddie & Abigail showing off their dance moves.
Connor, Sam, Liam, and Sam. :)
Abby & I :)
An "action shot" of the night. :)
Saturday was CRAZY... to say the least, but so much fun!! :)

Oh! And just in case you're curious... 15 DAYS UNTIL MY 15TH BIRTHDAY!

...and there are the crazy adventures of Hadley Bea!

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