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10:08 AM

I've been reflecting a lot lately about who I am and who I want to become. I've gotten the chance to talk with my friend, Gabrielle, quite a bit lately. She's a foreign exchange student from France, and I love her! I've learned so much from her...and I know we were meant to be friends. :)

with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world!

I really have learned so much from Gabrielle, and I love talking to her. She's been such a great friend, even if we've only known each other for a short time. I love you, Gabs! :)

Another person who has really influenced my life lately is my sister-in-law, April. She's such a spectacular person, and I truly couldn't ask for a better person to look up to and cherish memories with. April is a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and she joined the church when she was a teenager. I love hearing her testimony and her story...she inspires me. April has just been called as a MiaMaids Advisor in the Young Women's Program in my church, and I'm SO EXCITED that she will be working with me! April is such an adorable wife & mother, and I love learning from her. I love you, April. :)

A quote that I read today really struck me and made me think. It said:
"God will stretch us,
but he will also bless us."
I totally believe this. I'll admit hasn't been that easy lately, but I have seen so many blessings come into my life as I've been pushing through struggles. My faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ has increased so much lately...and that has been such a blessing. I love this church. And...(as April likes to say)
Vida es bonita. 

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