An Update.

3:54 PM

I know... i've totally slacked off. Sorry 'bout that. Life has been crazy. So much fun...but crazy. :)

So..where to begin...? My 15th birthday was great. There was lots of celebrating...and Abby Thomas & Abigail Swanson threw me a surprise party! So much fun :)

Pictures from my birthday dinner :)

Madi & Mckay took me out for dinner at Zupa' distract me in order for my friends to throw me a surprise party!
Because I turned 15...I got my permit!! It's pretty exciting. :)
Cool, right?! ;)
I've had the opportunity multiple times to go the temple with friends. It has been such a great experience every time!
Went out to lunch with some friends at Pizza Pie Cafe after a temple trip!
Went to the temple with some friends on Friday after school!
Pictures from the region debate tournament :)
Got to hang out with Sadie on Friday & Saturday :)
 So... it's been fun! I've had the opportunity to build friendships with a lot of different people. I couldn't put even half of all the people that I'm so grateful for in my life.

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