The Start of Something New :)

7:48 PM

Okay. I'm pretty dang excited about this. I just read the November 2012 New Era, and it was talking about the different ways this day & age to keep a journal/keeping track of your thoughts and activities. One of the ideas it had was to keep a blog! I've always had the desire to have a blog... but now I'm super excited about it. :)

Random thoughts of the day:

-I find the Song, "Santa Baby" by Michael Buble hilarious. He calls him "Santa Buddy" and "Dude" in the song. So stinking funny.

-Yesterday in Young Women's I learned the 6 different stages of dealing with conflict. This was actually super interesting to me. I would totally recommend looking them up & figuring out which way you deal with conflict.

-For Thanksgiving, my family & I got the chance to go to my cousin's house, the Flinders, for the weekend. During that time we were together, my cousin Hannah made a video about what we did while together. It is quite entertaining! (Keep in mind that we didn't tell any of the adults what we were up to... so it was funny to have them say things for us, then put it to music.)

Here it is for your entertainment. :)

-Mckay has been driving me to school each day, and the drives to and from school are irreplaceable. I love them. We always listen to music and sing our hearts out. We have all these dumb "inside jokes" just between us from our car rides. I love & respect my brother so much. I wouldn't give him up for the world. :)
This picture was taken on the cruise we got to go on with our Grandpa Carr this summer!

-Because I started high school this year, I also got to start Seminary. Let me tell you... I love it. (I especially love the fact that I am blessed enough to live in a place where the church is so prominent that I get to have it during my school day!) Right now we are studying the New Testament and I have learned so much about Christ. I truly have a greater love & understanding for what the savior went through on this earth.

-Because last week was Thanksgiving, I have been thinking a lot more about everything I have been blessed for. One of the most important blessings I have been given is an amazing family. I'm so grateful for everything they do for me.

-Another thing I have blessed with is wonderful friends. Both in Midway, Provo, and other places around the world. I love all the relationships I have been able to make, and I don't know where I'd be without my friends. :)

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